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TIS is an independent systems integrator specialising in driving digital transformation and integration across the life safety, security and communications industry. They design, install and maintain smart, reliable and highly-compliant fire protection, access control, security, intruder alert, CCTV and communications solutions for retirement villages, care homes, universities, public spaces and the Ministry of Defence.


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Case Study: Total Integrated Solutions (TIS) Ltd 2019 – Present

Client Requirement To drive an increase in technician utilisation of 10% by providing service controllers with real-time job status updates and using insights in technician working patterns to reduce back-office administration through the automation of the service invoicing process.

To enhance the customer value proposition by providing direct access to service data via a Client Portal.

This issues Booking jobs and keeping up to date with the current situation was administration intensive with a lack of technician visibility and of required response times and associated service level achievements. 

TIS customers required a monthly summary which was time-consuming to prepare, requiring manual data collation. The incumbent system didn’t allow for unique forms for each system type, so additional flexibility in form building was required. Job counts were unreliable, and creating monthly management reporting was admin heavy task.

Our Solution As a national, full-service provider of fire & security solutions, TIS invested in Collabaro to allow them to increase the size of the field team without growing our back-office staff.

TIS can now automatically generate and post a service invoice as soon as the technician finishes the job, with client-specific invoicing rules applied to the time & parts data entered within the technician’s mobile app.

The TIS planned maintenance service has been transformed; every test on every device is recorded on the mobile app, with detailed client reports generated in the office with a single click of the mouse.

Customers are kept in the loop with real-time status updates available via a dedicated portal whilst a BI dashboard keeps the exec team up to date with performance metrics that are tracked over time.

The result – Collabaro has increased technician utilisation from 70% to over 80%, providing a significant contribution to net profits. Collabaro has also reduced the ratio of the back office service professionals to field-based service technicians through process automation. Providing a new client portal has helped build a closer partnership with key TIS customers by increasing the transparency and speed at which client information can be obtained. The client portal automates real-time planned maintenance, post-visit reports and certificates, saving time and improving data accuracy. The customer billing process was streamlined using Collabaro’s billing and invoice automation rules and integrated into Microsoft Business Central. 


The client story….

The client story….

We identified in 2018/19 that in order to achieve the growth targets set for the business, we needed to review and potentially replace the systems running our field service operations. The systems had got us to a certain point, but we needed to break the link between administration tasks and technicians so we could expand our field service technical team without the need to grow our back office team at the same rate.

We asked the team at Railston & Co to review our operational processes and the software we were then using. The team, led by Chris and Andy, produced a set of recommendations. A BI dashboard was also created to highlight key management information around SLA performance and operational efficiencies previously unavailable. The report allowed us to review the current state of play and focus our business intelligence on where changes were required to support our growth ambitions.

As part of the project, Railstons challenged our management team and made them rethink how we did things. We changed some of our processes, and Railstons suggested new ways of working beyond the original scope. We welcomed the fresh thinking and the reassurance that Railstons took the time to understand our business and our growth objectives.

The consultancy project soon developed into a more comprehensive opportunity, and we embarked upon a complete rethink of our installation, maintenance, and reactive job processes. We worked in partnership with Railstons to define a digital transformation project that involved developing on top of the existing Collabaro functionality, features and processes which were more aligned to the Fire & Security sector.

“Introducing Collabaro has given us a capability to critically analyse all areas of service performance and contract profitability; exactly what we needed to effectively manage the growth of the business”. 


James Twigg,

Chief Executive Officer

Total Integrated Solutions (TIS) Ltd

James Twigg, Chief Executive Officer Total Integrated Solutions (TIS) Ltd
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