Job Scheduling

Job Scheduling

Create Jobs, Select SLAs, Select Technicians

As Easy As 1 - 2 - 3

Collabaro enables you to create incident or service requests and record jobs against them in three simple steps. Collabaro can integrate with your fleet management solution, allowing you to send Work Orders directly to vehicle-based Satnav devices, making life easier for technicians and enabling real-time travel status updates to be made available from a job record or dashboard. Our intelligent job scheduling feature takes the time and complexity out of scheduling. Built around powerful algorithms, it can suggest the right technician for the job based on their skills and availability, ensuring a higher first-time fix rate, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Intelligent Job Scheduling

Technicians record the time that they start and complete work, any parts used (from a parts list) and the root cause and resolution status at the end of each job. If the overall issue isn’t resolved after a job, Collabaro automatically sets the status of the incident to ‘re-schedule’, and pushes it to your service desk team to re-organise a second site visit or remote intervention. For IP based system issues, Collabaro offers the option of assigning an incident record to a pool of specialists who draw work from the pool when they are available. Incidents can be escalated to higher-skilled sets of technicians if required.

Live Vehicle Tracking

Integrate Collabaro with vehicle tracking software to always know how technicians are progressing through the day.

Customer-Specific SLA Management

View how long you take to respond and fix job requests based upon agreed service levels.

Complete Situational Awareness

Understand which jobs are at risk of missing the SLA enabling corrective action to be taken.

Field & Remote Jobs Combine

Blend internal and external resources to maximise efficiency, minimise repair times and save costs.

Other Key Features

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