Task Builder

Task Builder

Pixel Perfect Designs in Minutes without any Coding

Pixel Perfect Designs

With Task Builder you have the tools to build your own customised, pixel perfect inspection screens, using our custom WYSIWYG editor – capture facts, photos and signatures and push real time screen edits to your field engineers via our native iOS application. Our drag and drop environment is simple to use yet extremely powerful. Text and components can be placed anywhere on the Screen, giving you a level of customisation other products can not give you.

Simple yet Sophisticated

Configurable componants ensure all mandatory data is captured and any dependencies only shows the data relevant to the current task. Miss something? Screens can be re-configured, changed and pushed in real-time to your team of field service professionals. Guarantee compliance from your field service professionals by creating Pre Work Inspection and End of Day tasks or Checklists that must be completed before a users can progress to the next action. Include technician and/or client signatures where required.

Drag & Drop Simplicity

Our simple to use, yet extremely powerful drag & drop editor makes creating screens as simple as draging and dropping components onto a canvas.

Rapid Deployment

No more waiting for developers to manually hard code forms. Create new screens in minutes, or make edits to existing screens in realtime.

Peace of Mind

Relax in the knowledge that your field service professionals are forced to follow a process designed with their safety in mind reducing your overall liability.

Creative Freedom

Build in-house with a little training or outsource your work processes to our technical support team. The choice and flexibility is yours.

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