Creative Services

Creative Services

When You Don't Have the Time Or The Resourses

We Can Build Your Workflows & Reports

Creative Services

Use our experience gained across many sectors to create simple but powerful tasks to capture travel time, work data, pre-work inspections and end of day checklists.

Our experienced professionals will get you operating with Collabaro in no time. Technicians simply download the Collabaro app, login and access jobs assigned to them.

Customer Reports

We can replicate your existing customer reports including complex date-driven tables and provide templates ready to get you started reporting.

Service controllers simply select the job and run the report to create pixel perfect PDF documents ready to go.

Rethink Your Processes

Customised Workflows

You have the option of completing Collabaro training and building your own tasks, or simply providing your existing processes for us to review, refine and build using Collabaro.

Our experience in capturing data in the field allows us to advise or build the tasks that are pushed to the technicians iPad ensuring required data is captured on the first visit.

The flexibility in Task Builder allows us to build mandatory fields and dependencies ensuring that all data is captured for legal, Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) and customer invoicing purposes.

Tasks are easily amended as your requirements for data change over time. Updates to tasks are simply synchronised the next time the iPad is in use.

Pixel Perfect Advanced Reports

Customised Reporting

You have the option of completing Collabaro training and building your own reports or providing your existing reports for us to review, refine and build using Collabaro.

Report Builder allows us to deliver simple one-page documents through to sophisticated reports covering hundreds of pages including photos, annotated diagrams, tables and algorithm-driven calculations.

If users need more data, simply add what is needed using Task Builder and Report Builder, capture it via the iPad and view the data in the report.

Inhouse or Outsource

Which One’s Better?

There is no right or wrong answer. We cater for both options because we understand our clients need flexibility. If you are clear on your requirements and want to create your own tasks or reports and manage them internally, we can provide training and access to tutorials.

Alternatively, provide us with examples of your existing processes for us to review and suggest improvements. Once a process has been agreed we can create and hand over completed tasks and reports.


Benefits of Inhouse Design

We can provide the training and tutorials to give a non-technical person the skills to confidently create and update tasks and reports.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

Our trained professionals can quickly create pixel perfect tasks and powerful reports with advanced scripts and get you up and running in no time. 

Can’t find what you need? Please reach out to our customer care team.
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