Delivering Compliance and Peace of Mind

Delivering Compliance & Peace Of Mind

Take Back Control

When health and safety measures aren’t followed, injuries, illnesses and fatalities are more likely to occur.

This can have a significant impact on your business, the employees, and the individual directors or senior managers if there is proven negligence.

Introducing health and safety compliance into your digital workflows reduces the risk of prosecution, fines, and reputational damage.

Using Collabaro puts you back in control.

Build A Safety Culture

Enforcing strict digital workflows is key to reducing accidents and is a step towards building a culture of safety.

In most European countries it’s the employer’s obligation to put in place arrangements to control health and safety risks and to ensure they are followed.

As a minimum, you should mandate the completion of signed daily checklists or risk assessments to meet those legal requirements.


Signed Records

Capture & Retain

Employers have a responsibility to provide information to their workforce that will enable them to know the risks and allow them to participate fully and effectively in their daily tasks.

Collabaro ensures that your field service professionals follow compliance-driven pre-work checklists or risk assessments and sign to acknowledge they understand and are fit and well to perform their daily duties. 

Only once the individual has completed the risk assessment or equipment checklist and signed to acknowledge that they are fit and able to perform their duties will they be able to continue on to the main task.

In an evolving legislative environment, the ability to be able to deliver updates to forms or checklists in minutes can be vital in order to remain compliant.

Who Did What And When

An Audit Trail

Collabaro allows non-developers to create and edit forms for native mobile use (including use offline), using easy to use design tools. The library of forms available to field service professionals can be updated with a simple refresh.

Compliance forms can be included within the jobs pushed to your field service professionals and form part of the task process and job reporting.

Every bit of information collected or recorded from a task or job can be reported in real-time while version control provides an audit trail for every change made to the form its contents or design.

A Final Word

Improving Safety In The Workplace

Predictive and proactive equipment inspection and maintenance is a priority for many field service providers today and for good reason. Equipment failure and machinery issues are one of the main causes of accidents. 

Organisations are realising that fines represent only a fraction of the potential losses posed by unsafe equipment or working conditions. These liabilities can lead to significant financial costs associated with the personal injury or death of a worker can weaken employee morale and cause significant reputational damage.

Attempting to schedule, perform, verify and track those tasks manually can be a massive administrative undertaking and prone to human error. Organisations need better tools to enforce safety initiatives so that workers can perform their jobs safely and efficiently without losing productivity.

Collabaro helps reinforce compliance. By approaching safety on multiple fronts, Collabaro can offer greater visibility into job safety throughout the organisation. Collabaro ensures workers are compliant to proceed with their assigned daily tasks.

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