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Field service management (FSM) software helps companies organise and optimise their business activities performed by field-based service professionals. These solutions are primarily used by companies that need to inspect or maintain a piece of industrial hardware under warranty or as part of a planned maintenance schedule. FSM applications tend to be job-centric. A job is created and ‘pushed’ to a mobile application where a technician provides details of what they did, how long it took and confirmation that the problem is resolved (or not). Typically, these jobs standalone as discrete instances of activity and relationships between jobs is not explicitly captured. Collabaro is different because it is process rather than job oriented.

Drive Contract Margins Up

Understand the actual cost of operating your contracts through improved travel, job labour, plus parts used data collection. Each job can be automatically costed to produce accurate margin calculations, making the contract renewal process simpler and quicker, removing guesswork when rolled up into an annual view.

Reduce Your Cost Per Fix

Improve utilisation by viewing a detailed breakdown of a technician’s daily activity using Collabaro Timesheets. Technicians are presented with a daily calendar view prompting them to complete the gaps. Timesheets are pre-populated with travel tasks, job tasks and absences leaving only the blanks to be completed.

Keep Customers Better Informed

Share data and insights with your customers through the Collabaro online portal. Customers can access Job counts, visit status, SLA performance data and downloadable job reports and other KPI's..

Proactive Support When You Need It Most

The difference between competitors is often measured by the people who support you when things go wrong. We are passionate about ensuring you get the proper support when you need it most and have a dedicated team of support and training professionals on hand to talk you through your journey each step of the way.

Benefits Of Using Collabaro

1 %
Increase in revenue per technician
1 %
Reduction in invoice production time
1 %
Reduction in post-job report generation time
1 %
Increase in technician utilisation

Let’s Get Connected

Begin your digital transformation strategy with Collabaro.

Learn how you can: 

  1. Streamline your workflows
  2. Improve your first-time fix rates
  3. Harmonise your field service processes
  4. Cut field service costs and increase your revenue
  5. Automate your Invoicing & Billing
  6. Gain real-time visibility across all operations
  7. Gain real-time visibility of your field service metrics
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