COVID – 19

How is covid-19 affecting our business?
The safety of our team as well as our customers is our top priority, so as per the government advice, we have shut our offices and our teams are all working remotely from home. We had actually implemented these conditions along time before it was encouraged to do so, and we remain very flexible with all members of our teams.
However, it’s still very much business as usual
Our business is built around the cloud and the connectivity business tools that we sell. So our teams are working as normal from home, providing the same level of service as we would be if we were all in the office.
What does this mean for you?
The same services, now all done remotely.
Our teams have been doing development, support, implementation and training remotely for a few years now. Our tech support is all carrying on is usual, and our other product lines, services and training are all rolled out and implemented remotely as well. So, nothing has changed in terms of our support to you, and our ability to offer the same products and services. If you’re interested in switching to Collabaro, we can still carry that all out for you remotely, provide full training over video chat and screen sharing and implement remotely as well.
In summary, its business as usual. Our full services are carrying on as usual, all done remotely to provide you and your teams with maximum support, all whilst remaining safely isolated.

See how we're travelling sustainably!

At Collabaro, we understand the impact that our business can have on the environment, and we are committed to taking steps to reduce that impact and operate in a more sustainable manner.
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