Asset Management

Asset Management

Create And Maintain Customer Asset Data From Anywhere.

Detailed Asset History

Collabaro enables detailed information to be created on assets that are constantly updated to ensure accuracy each time a customer site is attended. Collabaro enables tasks to be created to capture asset data split by customer contract period, site, building, system and device types. Images can be taken along with asset location and multiple customisable fields. Speed up the retrieval of asset records using QR or bar code scanning to view multiple fields of information including test status, asset age, warranty status and previous service call job details with notes.

Save Time On Site

Collabaro stores accurate and up to date information about a site history and its related assets centrally. The data can be accessed online or via a mobile tablet with a single click. Data is synchronised in real-time, so you’ve always got the most up to date information. This gives a single version of the truth which reduces errors and saves time on site. Now your field service professionals know what to expect when they arrive on site.

Scan Asset To Retrieve Data

Get real-time access to asset test statuses and historic inspection data. This is particularly useful when the technician is on their own in the field.

Live Asset Updates

Maintain data accuracy by continual updates between the technician and your back office personal. Real time information empowers your technicians to make confident decisions.

Search Job History

Centralised data means you have the latest information on recent jobs attended. Full access to all service records help your technicians complete their jobs quicker and reduces mistakes.

Automated Warranty Rules

Get the most out of your stock and spare parts inventory. Know which assets are in and out of warranty, prioritise accordingly and produce accurate billing everytime.

Other Key Features

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