Report Builder

Report Builder

Deliver Customised Reports In Minutes, Not Days

Automated Reporting

Our highly flexible Reporting Engine allows you to create professional reports over 100 pages in size and output the results automatically as a printable PDF in minutes, not days. Built to support Drag & Drop, Report Builder enables you to design pixel perfect reports with support for, images, annotated diagrams, tables, live data as well as a range of formatting features. Once your reports are created, say goodbye to the hours spent manually writing reports. Simply automate your creation or click a button, and within seconds your report is generated. If you have similar reports you need to create, use the clone feature to copy the your existing report make the necessary changes, rename it and save it in the library.

Advanced Reporting

Designed to be powerful, our Reporting Engine allows you to deliver advanced reports using Javascript to create algorithmic-driven formulas. If you need to dive a little deeper, you can create complex reports where your only limitation is your imagination, and perhaps your javascript knowledge. For complete flexibility, Collabaro has a comprehensive API (TAPI) which gives you the ability to extract the raw data for use in third party software solutions. The API is available over HTTP/S and returns data in JSON format.

Complexity Made Simple

Build complex inspection reports using Drag & Drop components and create pixel perfect and perfectly formatted reports every time.

Improved Job Satisfaction

Reports no longer need to be written by the engineers, greatly improving their performance, time management, and overall job satisfaction.

Need A Little More Power?

Do you know a little Javascript? Our Powerful Reporting Engine supports Javascript and enables you to create some truly advanced reports.

A Leap Forward In Productivity

All data collected is automatically inserted into the correct section of a formatted report, removing the risk of error and eliminating the time needed to write one.

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