Mobile Application

Mobile Application

Work Offline Anywhere Anytime

Improve Team Collaboration With Live Data Sync

Collabaro has been used over many years around the world in various adverse conditions and industries to provide simple, yet powerful rich data capture out in the field. Users are prompted through various configurable tasks to ensure all data is captured for the job, the first time. Tasks include tracking travel time, pre-work inspections, job tasks, end of day summaries and timesheet input. Work independently or as a small or large group of technicians, sharing data across the same task. Data is shared via either Wi-Fi or mobile data across all technicians and the back-office web app, ensuring the latest information is shared in real-time.

Collabaro Mobile App Features:

Work Offline Collaborative Team Support Time Tracking Automatic Data Sync & Backup Jobs Notes, Internal Notes & Attachments Photo Support with Annotations Intelligent Search, Sort & Filtering Tasks for Travel, Compliance, Jobs, Timesheets End of Day Reports Technician & Customer Signatures Add, Edit & Update Assets QR and Barcode Asset Creation & Scanning Parts List Selection Background Data Collection on Utilisation & Other Business KPI's Data specific controls Include Date pickers, Modal Pickers, Segmented Options, Multi-Choice Filters, Increment/Decrement Buttons, Sliders & Many More. Advanced Table Support

Work Offline

Our simple to use, yet extremely powerful drag & drop editor makes creating screens as simple as draging and dropping components onto a canvas.

Collaborate Locally Via MESH Network

No more waiting for developers to manually hard code forms. Create new screens in minutes, or make edits to existing screens in realtime.

Peace of Mind

Relax in the knowledge that your field service professionals are forced to follow a process designed with their safety in mind reducing your overall liability.

Creative Freedom

Build in-house with a little training or outsource your work processes to our technical support team. The choice and flexibility is yours.

Other Key Features

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