Save Admin Time And Improve Utilisation With Online Timesheets

Reduce Your Cost Per Fix

Improve utilisation by viewing a detailed breakdown of a technician’s activity using Collabaro Timesheets. Technicians are presented with a daily calendar view prompting them to complete the gaps. Timesheets are pre-populated with travel tasks, job tasks and absences leaving only the blanks to be completed.

This approach ensures we maximise your investment from your existing software to Collabaro.

*Enterprise Edition Feature

Save Time And Resources

Account for all technician work and out-of-hours time by enabling users to populate the unaccounted-for time between jobs. Our timesheet feature reduces the administration time for your field service professionals and administration staff by streamlining the data gathering process and line manager sign off process.

Accuracy And Consistency Every Time

Timesheets can automatically be populated with jobs assigned to technicians and pattern matched against vehicle tracking data to provide an accurate summary of the working day's activities. Report on technician utilisation and work patterns to empower managers with reliable measures/data?.

Pre-populate Timesheets with Jobs

Technicians only need to account for time in between jobs by selecting from a user-definable list.

Rank Technician by Utilisation

Review utilisation per day, week or technician highlighting areas for improvement.

Improved Data Quality

Encourage good data habits by highlighting discrepancies.

Save Admin Time

Manage time approval via the technician’s tablet.

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