Automated Customer Billing

Automated Customer Billing

Automate Your Billing And Get Paid Faster

Save Time With Automated Billing

Create sophisticated billing rules that automatically create draft invoice lines for approval prior to creating invoices within your finance system. Rules can be customer, site and system-specific with additional rules for time of day, week, and parts used. Completed jobs can be reviewed and edited by authorised personnel with reporting on any changes made affecting sales shrinkage.

Consolidated Invoicing

Consolidated monthly invoices are made possible by allowing the grouping of individual jobs into an online review process between you and your customer. Final approval creates a single, consolidated invoice for ease of billing and payment.

Integrate your finance system

Create customer invoices automatically using business rules and data captured by your field workers.

Create Customer Business Rules

Configure each customer with labour rates, travel rates, parts costs, time increments and out-of-hour rates for automated customer billing.

Real-time Profit Analysis

understand the percentage margin and monetary profit per job for easy management analysis.

Create Consolidated Invoices

Create customer groups and consolidate hundreds of jobs into one convenient pre-advice invoice, capturing changes made during agreement with your customer.

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