Client Portal

Client Portal

Share Data And Insights With Your Customers

Reduce Calls And Emails

Remove the back and forth between your customer support team and your customers, by providing your customers with self-service access to their live service and planned maintenance data. Collabaro allows you to push all data as well as reports through a fully branded client portal. Simply choose which bits to publish, and when. Manage access to data depending on staff roles. Display customisable key performance indicator data and summary stats. Present asset data and test status information filterable by location and system type.

24/7 Transparency 24/7 Convenience

Whether you choose to delay pushing client data to the client portal or you allow real time transparency, the convenience to your customer enhances the services you provide and maybe the difference between winning or maintaining the business.

User Defined Access Rights

Manage access to data depending on user roles and privileges.

Display Customisable KPIs

Display customisable user data insights specific to your business.

An Enhanced Service Proposition

Empower your customer to self-serve by accessing their site data.

Share Asset Lists With Your Customers

Display asset data, test statuses, reports and job history with your customers.

Other Key Features

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