A Step-By-Step Plan For A Smooth Transition

Our Guide to Customer Onboarding

A positive experience

We recognise a positive onboarding experience confirms to you that you have made the right choice. That’s why, from the moment you choose Collabaro to manage your field service operations, a dedicated project manager is assigned to manage all actions ahead of going live.

This approach ensures we maximise your investment from your existing software to Collabaro.

Clear Objectives

According to research, the top two reasons that customers migrate from one platform to another are A: they don’t understand the product, and B: they don’t obtain real value from it.

We set clear and measurable objectives with you from the outset so we can measure your return on investment in Collabaro over time.

A Collaborative Approach

Action Plan

We will start by agreeing on the actions together with a timeline detailing actions for your business and ours. Your account manager is responsible for coordinating actions and providing weekly updates to the stakeholders throughout the onboarding phase.

The flexibility in Task Builder allows us to build mandatory fields and dependencies ensuring that all data is captured for legal, Health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) and customer invoicing purposes.

Tasks are easily amended as your requirements for data change over time. Updates to tasks are simply synchronised the next time the iPad is in use.

Relax we've got this

Data Migration

Simple implementations require only the migration of customer and contact details together with historic job data.

We take care of this process, agreeing with you the format required ahead of time. We import the data into Collabaro and make a test website available for you to review.

So a simple implementation of Collabaro can be completed within a few days. More complex requirements take between 4-8 weeks and depend largely on data migration and 3rd party integrations.

A Final Word

Why We believe A Positive customer onboarding Journey Is so important?

The point of onboarding is to help our clients become acquainted, familiar, and confident with Collabaro’s features and take the stress out of the migration process. Done correctly, it makes your life easier and helps build trust in us as a business. We take it seriously.

From the welcome onboard email to the interactive walk-through and final handover, we want the process to be positive. We recognise the process has lasting benefits for both of us sets the tone for our ongoing relationship. We know from experience turning customers into fans increases revenue, lowers acquisition costs and can turn them into a top referral source.

Can’t find what you need? Please reach out to our customer care team.
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