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How Collabaro Ensures Compliance

Field service industries are faced with many unique challenges but one that is an enduring priority across all operations management is ensuring compliance. In order to stay ahead, competitive and most importantly, safe, it is imperative to constantly monitor the question; how can we improve safety and compliance to ensure a site has been fully tested? The answer is to give field engineers the tools to work quickly, accurately and compliantly wherever they are while having back-end access to total field visibility. Collabaro achieves this all under one system.
Collabaro is an advanced field service management solution. Using Collabaro customers are able to instantly send jobs to the field, view live status updates, integrate with core processes and operate with consideration for required response times, associated SLAs and compliance expectations. Collabaro implements four key automated solutions to specifically combat the challenges of field service compliance.


Field Access & Visibility

Administrators are able to adapt and manage detailed digital workflows for field engineers working on the iOS app in real time. They are able to mandate the completion of daily checklists and create dependencies on digital signatures safeguarding this essential process step. In an evolving legislative environment, the ability to deliver updates in minutes can be vital in order to remain compliant.

Digital Time and Location Stamps

There is zero ambiguity when it comes to audit trails. Collabaro stores activity as data in real-time as well as offline, using the iOS field device’s user information, time and location stamps and optional QR codes to provide an additional layer of verification logged against all activity. This data is fed directly into client reports which can be produced immediately on completion of a job.

Integrated systems

Collabaro integrates seamlessly with several core systems spanning finance, HR and fleet management. Integrations ensure human error through repetitive manual data transfer between software is eliminated. Smoother processes are now in place ranging from engineer absences used for scheduling, to transferring of work orders to vehicles and live location tracking.

Transparent communication

Customers are able to communicate real-time status updates with our Clients available through a dedicated portal whilst a BI dashboard keeps the exec team up to date with performance metrics that are tracked over time. Collabaro’s client portal automates real-time planned maintenance, post-visit reports and certificates, saving time and most importantly significantly increasing data accuracy. We know how easy it is for important documentation to be buried in emails, by holding all documents in a controlled managed system the latest state of all systems for each building is clear.


Many of our customer’s value propositions are to consistently provide high quality service and compliance assurance. The challenges of managing the operations of a widely distributed workforce can be complex when aligned with high standards and our own expectations. Partnering with Collabaro has allowed us to critically analyse the complete operations structure throughout a transformational journey with the outcome of building an entirely new system emphasising digital automation, communication and collaboration. We ensured compliance and quality service was carefully considered during our digital transformation with the resulting additional security added through field visibility, digital signatures and date stamps, integrated systems, and clear communication channels.

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